Beadnell Bay sunset walk

Walk distance: 3.5 miles

Difficulty: easy

Pub stop: Starting point is a pub

Starting point: The Craster Arms, NE67 5AX

Download the route map here.


Beadnell Bay is the only west facing harbour in England, which means this walk is perfect for gorgeous sunset views.

There is ample road space to park your car in around the Craster Arms in Beadnell. From here, walk down The Haven towards the church and the pub on the left. Continue walking down the street until you reach a T junction with a small shop across the road.

Turn right and carry on walking down the road (Harbour Road) parallel with the sea. When the road forks, bear right and follow the road down until you reach a car park. Bear left here and keep walking down until you reach the beach.

Enjoy the calm water and sunset views strolling down to the end of the bay and then back towards the medieval looking buildings.

Come off the beach and walk around and through the fort following the path round that will then join the road again.

Continue following the road you came down until you see a footpath on the left (ignoring the first public footpath sign). Follow this until you come out on a housing estate (Longstone Close). Follow this road round until you reach a T junction and the turn right back on to the main road. Continue on this road in a straight line and you will come back to the Craster Arms.


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