Caythorpe circular walk

Walk distance: 4.2 miles

Difficulty: Easy (however there are quite a few stiles, so this might not be suitable for larger dogs).

Pub stop: The Black Horse Inn, Caythorpe and The Reindeer Inn, Hoveringham – dogs allowed in the bar area.

Starting point: The Black Horse Inn (car parking at the pub)- NG14 7ED

Download the route map here.


Caythorpe is about 30 minutes drive from Nottingham city centre, but you really are out in the perfect Nottinghamshire countryside. This walk is particularly scenic and passes some great farm animals on the way- sheep, horse, cows, geese etc.

Although there are some areas where your dog will need to be on a lead due to the above, there are plenty of places where you are able to let your dog off too.

We parked in the Black Horse Inn car park, but there is also unrestricted parking around the village.

Start the walk by turning right out of the pub car park, until you reach a road bridge over the Dover Beck. You will see a small turn off into a field marked by a public footpath sign and a green dog waste bin. Take this turning, and follow it round.

At the end of this path you will see a stile leading into a field of sheep, keep to the right of the field along the path and next to the beck. Carry on down the path and you will reach another stile. Go over it and through the gate directly on your right towards Mill Farm.

Ahead, you’ll cross Mill Stream (there is a ford on the left you can walk through, but the water was quite high when we went) there is also a footbridge, you’ll be pleased to know!

Continue down the farm track until you see another public footpath sign pointing left. Follow this along a clear fenced path (with a lake on your left and a ditch on your right).

Eventually you’ll reach the Gonalston- Hoveringham road. Cross this and carry on down the footpath. There will be another lake on your left and ditch on your right. Keep walking until you see a footbridge on your right.

Go across the footbridge and follow the path towards and through the Hoveringham Village cricket field. Walk around the edge of the field and up past the Reindeer Inn on your left towards the main road through the village. The Reindeer is dog friendly, and allows dogs in the bar area- perfect point in the walk for a pub stop!

Carry on down the main road for about 150 yards until you reach Post Office Yard on your left. Directly opposite this and next to Laburnum Cottage there footpath (marked public footpath). Follow it down until you reach a field.

Follow the edge of the field round to a stile at the top right and then continue to follow the path over a series of stiles. Eventually you will come to Lodgefield Lane- turn right down here until you reach Boat Lane. Turn left down Boat Lane and follow the road round the bend. You will now be able to see the River Trent.

Keeping the river on your left, follow the path for about a mile past the car park until you reach a gate. Go through the gate and continue along the side of the river. Please note these fields are used to graze cattle, so you will need to keep your dog on a lead at this point.

Continue until the hedgerow bends round to the right and you can see another gate in the distance. Follow the path next to the hedgerow and through a gate to another field. Keeping to the right-hand side, follow this up until you reach the main road- Hoveringham Road.

Continue down Hoveringham Road for a short distance until you reach the starting point, The Black Horse Inn.


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