Short Cropwell Bishop circular walk

Walk distance: 2.5 miles

Difficulty: Very easy (however there are two stiles, so this might not be suitable for larger dogs).

Pub stop: We didn’t have a pub stop on this walk

Starting point: Hoe View Road, Cropwell Bishop

Download the route map here.

Cropwell Bishop is a lovely little village about 25 minutes out of Nottingham. There are plenty of larger walks you can also do from the path you join on this walk, we just didn’t have enough time to go further.

We parked on Hoe View Road in Cropwell Bishop. This is a housing estate, so parking is free, but remember to park responsibly.

As you come out of Hoe View Road turn left on to the main road, passing the Cropwell Bishop Creamery a few hundred yards down the road. There is a lovely shop here that is open to the public where you can pick up artisan cheese amongst other items. Unfortunately this isn’t open on Sundays- check the website for full opening times.

After passing the Creamery, carry on past the church and up the hill. Just after the end of the row of houses on the left you will see a stile and a public foothpath sign pointing left into a field. Cross the stile and follow the path down into the field until you reach another stile, continue across this and down the path.

The path winds round to the right a little- continue following it- until it straightens again and meets another path. Follow the footpath signs and turn left along the stream of water.

Continue walking down this path until you reach a Cropwell Bishop Road (remember to put your dog on the lead here as it is a fast road).

Cross the road and continue to follow the path. Keep walking until you reach a T junction, turning left at this point to follow the path up a steady hill.

Keep on this path passing the backs of several houses. This path will bring you back on to the main road where we started. Turn left when you reach the end of the road and Hoe View Road will be on your left a few yards down the road.


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