Circular Cossall canal walk

Walk distance: 3 miles

Difficulty: Easy

Pub stop: We didn’t have a pub stop on this walk

Starting point: Council car park off Cossall Road (free parking)

Download the route map here.


This is a very pleasant walk which follows well trodden paths and bridleways. You’ll follow the Erewash Valley Trail taking in the scenery of Nottingham Canal just a stones throw from the picturesque Nottingham village of Cossall.

We started out walk from the car park just off Cossall Lane. This car park is free all day.

Dogs are OK off the lead for pretty much the entire route of this walk (as long as they don’t go swimming in the canal!) apart from the short stretch on the main road.

From the car park (with the road behind you), follow the path to the right with the canal on your right hand side. You’ll pass a handy ‘you are here’ map as well.

Walk down the path ignoring any turn offs to the left until you reach a sign which reads “Erewash Valley Trail Shortcut”. Take this to the left and follow it down until you reach a green railway bridge. Cross this and make your way towards Nottingham Canal. Turn left here (with the canal on your right) and follow the path down.

Keep following the path until it reaches the main road in Ilkeston. Turn left and keeping on the path, walk until you cross a small bridge and the road bends to the right. Here you will see a path and a footpath sign leading straight on. Watch the road here as there is a sharp bend and limited footpath.

Follow the path crossing back over the railway and back up to the canal. When you reach the canal, turn left with the canal on your right.

Follow this path and you will eventually come back to the car park where the walk started.


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