Mam Tor from Castleton

Walk distance: 7 miles

Difficulty: Moderate

Pub stop: We didn’t have a pub stop on this walk, but there are plenty of lovely places in Castleton, including The Blueberry Café in the car park which serves delicious ice cream. It was really warm when we went, so we were able to sit with our feet in the stream that runs parallel.

Starting point: Castleton Car Park- S33 8WN (£5.20 for the day). Please note that the ticket machine only takes coins (no card or notes).

Download the route map here.


This is a beautiful route with amazing views across the valley and beyond. It is a long walk, but does have plenty of points you can stop and admire the view.

We started the route from Castleton Car Park, which is £5.20 for the whole day.

There are a few stiles on this walk and although there were a few places where dogs are OK off the lead, Murphy had to stay on for the duration of the walk due to the amount of sheep and lambs.

From the car park turn left up the main road, then take the first right by the Castle Inn. A little further up take the next right up a narrow lane. Keep following this road across a bridge until it becomes more of a stoney path- this is the footpath you want to keep following.

Keep following this path until it reaches a road. Cross the road through a gate and then keep following the path towards Treak Cliff Cavern (you will be able to see a small building and flag pole in the distance). Take the steps beside the cavern and then turn right to walk along the hillside.

After a short distance you will arrive at Blue John Cavern. Cross the small car park in front of the cavern entrance (ignoring the signs to the café). Go through the gate and follow the path round towards a farm. Keep following the signs across the field, cross a road and follow the field up to some steps to towards another road.

Follow the steps round and you will find yourself on the path to the top of Mam Tor (there will be a National Trust sign which says Mam Tor). Follow the stepped path to the summit.

This is about half way round the route, and a great place to stop for lunch or a drink! Make sure you bring a pack up.

From here follow the well trodden path across the ridge. Keep along this path until you can see a wooded area on the right. The path on the left will continue up to the craggy summit of Lose Hill Pike, but you want to take the gate on the right down towards the wooded area. Walk through this on following the path until you reach another gate and some open field.

Keep walking across the field towards the stone wall at the end of the field. When you reach the stone wall, turn right and follow the path down the hill until you reach the first of two farms. Follow the gate down around the house and keep on the farm track.

Keep on this track until you reach the second farm- Spring House Farm. Turn right after the farm down another farm track, keep following this road down until you reach a gate- go through the gate, which will then join a road.

Keep following this road by the stream on the right which will bring you back in to Castleton. Keep following the road round until the stream bears right. Follow the stream round to the right and you will come to the bottom end of the car park.




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