Burnham Deepdale to Burnham Market

Walk distance: 5 miles (please note this is a linear walk, and suggests a bus back to Burnham Deepdale)

Difficulty: Easy

Pub stop: The Hoste- Burnham Market very dog friendly with lovely outdoor seating- perfect for watching the world go by.

Starting point: Burnham Deepdale information centre

Download the route map here.


This walk takes you along the marshes from Burnham Deepdale to Burnham Market. Please note that it is a linear walk- we caught the bus back from Burnham Market to Burnham Deepdale. You can walk back- it is about 2.5 miles, but it is along a busy road with no real path.

Burnham Market is a quaint and trendy little town which is often referred to as ‘Chelsea on the Sea’ so called because of the trendy boutiques and shops reminiscent of Chelsea’s King’s Road.

We started the walk at Burnham Deepdale Information Centre (we were staying at the campsite). You’ll find the information centre along the A619 (just down the road from the Nisa petrol station).

From here, cross the road and head down The Drove which is the road opposite. Keep following the path down until you reach the marshes. Follow the grass verge to the left and keep following the footpath round.

The path will continue for quite some time, eventually bending round to the right. Continue along the path until you come to the end. Turn left, and follow the path for a few hundred metres until you reach a sign showing the different footpaths. Here turn right and cross the stile into a field, following this footpath down until you reach the road near Mill Farm.

This little spot has a nice grassy area with picnic benches- a great spot for lunch.

Heading down the road, keep to the cottages and follow the path down what looks like a farm track. Keep walking following the footpath signs. You should now be walking through  a field, and you will eventually come out onto a road (Mill Road).

Keep following this road ignoring any turn offs and you will eventually come to Burnham Market high street.

We stopped at The Hoste for a drink which I can highly recommend. It is dog friendly and the staff were lovely. It is a great spot for sitting outside and people watching.

To get back to Burnham Deepdale, we used the Coastliner bus. The stop for this in the middle of the high street. You’ll need to catch the bus towards Hunstanton or Kings Lynn to get back.



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