Hemlock Stone circular walk

Walk distance: 4 miles

Difficulty: Leisurely- all flat

Pub stop: No pubs on this walk

Starting point: Bramcote Park car park- NG9 3JT

Download the route map here.


This walk starts at Bramcote Park car park. It is a reasonably large car park, and free all day.

When you have parked up, follow the road to the edge of the car park and head through the walled garden, a picturesque part of the park. You will soon reach a gate- turn left here and head towards the main road- Coventry Lane.

Cross the road and follow the footpath signs through the gate and up the hill. Eventually you will reach the Hemlock Stone, a 200 million year old piece of sandstone from the Triassic Period (when dinosaurs roamed the world). There are lots of theories as to how it got there- make sure you read the signs and plaques by the stone when you pass to find out more about the history.


Follow the footpath signs round the edge of Stapleford Hill eventually making your way down to the fields on the other side. You will get to a small stream with a little bridge which you will need to cross over- this is a great shallow water location to let your dog paddle.

Follow the path along the edge of the field. When you reach some steps on the right, follow them up so you are now walking parallel to the train track.

You are now in Pit Lane park. Follow the footpath keeping the train tracks on your right until you eventually come to the car park. Walk through the car park and down the edge of the road until you come to another main road. Cross this and follow the footpath signs on the other side.

You will now be walking through the Trowell Park Drive estate, there are clearly marked footpath signs until you reach a children’s play park, cross the road and walk around the back of this, following the path.

As you exit the estate you will see the M1 in the distance and eventually River Erewash on your right hand side. Keep following the route round ignoring other turn offs until eventually you will see some houses and come out onto a road (Moorbridge Lane).

Cross the road and continue down the path through a farm- please note there are cows roaming here so you will need to keep your dog on a lead.

Keep to the footpath and follow the route through the fields until you come to another estate. Keep on Mill Road, cross the main road on to Pinfold Lane, and then cross again on to Cemetery Road.


Walk up the road until you reach the cemetery gates and walk up until you see a gate to a field. Walk through this and follow the path across the fields.

At the end of the field there is another gate, turn left here and walk down until the path merges on to Baulk Lane. Follow this down, and take the alley cut through on the right hand side, joining Russley Road. Follow the road round until you reach Rufford Avenue, then turn left again on to Russley Road. Cross Derby Road using the zebra crossing and then take another cut through to the left of the vets.


Turn right on to Marshall Drive and then cross Ilkeston Road at the top to get back into Bramcote Park. Walk across the park (turning left as you come through the gates) to get back to the car park.


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