Tynemouth circular

Difficulty: Easy

Pub stop: Head of Steam Tynemouth

Also recommended:

The Salty Sea Dog – just up from starting point car park in the Fish Quay

Starting point: Low Lights car park, North Sheilds, NE30 1JQ

Download the route map here.

LRM_EXPORT_132931222413048_20191021_192435799 (1).jpeg

Tynemouth is a lovely dog friendly stretch on the North East coast, not far from the bright lights of Newcastle.

This walk takes you all along the beautiful coast line and down the Tynemouth Highstreet, which is dotted with great independent shops and a variety of cafes and pubs.

Start the walk at the Low Lights car park in North Shields- at the end of the walk you might want to walk back on yourself into the Fish Quay area where there is a lovely pub- The Salty Sea Dog.

From the car park, walk along the promenade with the sea on your right. Keep walking down this long stretch until you see a bend to the left- follow this short incline up the hill inland past the Life Brigade Watch House.

Continue down the road and over a road bridge, past Tynemouth Castle on your right and the High Street clock on your left.

Keep walking down the promenade past the Gibraltar Rock pub until you see a beach on your right-hand side. Here you can either carry on walking down the road or take a short detour across King Edwards Bay beach. If so, be sure to check out Riley’s Fish Shack.

IMG_20191021_131525_685 (1)

Back on the path, keep following the road round the coast until you see Tynemouth’s main beach- Tynemouth Longsands. Walk along this beach until you get to the surf café and then get back on the road. Please make sure you look at the restrictions on the beach signs as this is a restricted dog friendly beach in the summer.

Walk back along the road until you get to the next roundabout and a grassy area on your right. Turn up Percy Park Road until you reach the other end of the High Street. Take some time out here to enjoy the shops and cafes- we recommend Head of Steam which is extremely dog friendly.

When finished, take Colbeck Terrace leading towards the Metro Station (if you are interested there is also a great market in the Metro Station every weekend which is worth a visit).

Then chuck a left down Oxford Street when you will join a footpath. Follow this round to make your way back down to the promenade you started on. Keep following this road and you will eventually get back to the car park.


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