Tynemouth circular

Difficulty: Easy

Pub stop: Head of Steam Tynemouth

Also recommended:

The Salty Sea Dog – just up from starting point car park in the Fish Quay

Starting point: Low Lights car park, North Sheilds, NE30 1JQ

Download the route map here.

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Tynemouth is a lovely dog friendly stretch on the North East coast, not far from the bright lights of Newcastle.

This walk takes you all along the beautiful coast line and down the Tynemouth Highstreet, which is dotted with great independent shops and a variety of cafes and pubs.

Start the walk at the Low Lights car park in North Shields- at the end of the walk you might want to walk back on yourself into the Fish Quay area where there is a lovely pub- The Salty Sea Dog.

From the car park, walk along the promenade with the sea on your right. Keep walking down this long stretch until you see a bend to the left- follow this short incline up the hill inland past the Life Brigade Watch House.

Continue down the road and over a road bridge, past Tynemouth Castle on your right and the High Street clock on your left.

Keep walking down the promenade past the Gibraltar Rock pub until you see a beach on your right-hand side. Here you can either carry on walking down the road or take a short detour across King Edwards Bay beach. If so, be sure to check out Riley’s Fish Shack.

IMG_20191021_131525_685 (1)

Back on the path, keep following the road round the coast until you see Tynemouth’s main beach- Tynemouth Longsands. Walk along this beach until you get to the surf café and then get back on the road. Please make sure you look at the restrictions on the beach signs as this is a restricted dog friendly beach in the summer.

Walk back along the road until you get to the next roundabout and a grassy area on your right. Turn up Percy Park Road until you reach the other end of the High Street. Take some time out here to enjoy the shops and cafes- we recommend Head of Steam which is extremely dog friendly.

When finished, take Colbeck Terrace leading towards the Metro Station (if you are interested there is also a great market in the Metro Station every weekend which is worth a visit).

Then chuck a left down Oxford Street when you will join a footpath. Follow this round to make your way back down to the promenade you started on. Keep following this road and you will eventually get back to the car park.

Holkham to Burnham Market

Walk distance: 6.5 miles

Difficulty: Moderate

Pub stop: The Hero- Burnham Overy Staithe

Also recommended:

The Victoria Inn, Holkham (starting point)

The Hoste, Burnham Market (end point)

Starting point: top of Lady Anne Drive, Holkham.


For this walk we were staying in Burnham Market so took the bus from the village green, getting off at Holkham. You can also do the walk in reverse.

Download the route map here.


Often recommended as one of the best dog friendly beaches in the UK, Holkham is a must visit if you are on the North Norfolk Coast.

This walk takes you all along the beautiful beach and pine trees, before heading inland.

Start the walk at the top of Lady Anne Drive – if you have taken the bus from Burham Market, you will get off here.

Walk down the road to the beach- it is worth stopping here at the new visitor centre The Lookout, where you can find out more about the nature reserve, and grab a cup of coffee. The Lookout is dog friendly.


Follow the path through the pine trees until you reach the beach. After you have followed the steps down, follow the path leading to the left and keep to the right of the trees.

Eventually you will see a path rearing off to the left leading towards Burnham Overy Staithe. Join this path and walk along it down to the harbour.

Once you have reached the harbour, follow the road round until you join the main A149 road. If you’d like to stop off at the pub here, turn left to head down to The Hero. You can also end the walk here if you like and take the coast hopper bus back to Holkham,

If you are carrying on, turn right and walk down on the path past the houses until you can see a footpath across a field (this is just after the last house). Make sure to take this path rather than staying on the main road, as there is no footpath.

Once you are in the field, follow the path down to the right hand corner, and then across a stile to the left. At the end of this field you will find another stile, see the main road, and hear a water mill. Climb over the stile and carefully cross the road before heading down a track in between the houses across the road.

Keep following this path down until you reach another road where you will need to turn right. Follow the footpath at the side of the road until you eventually will walk down to Burnham Market green.

Aldeburgh circular town walk

Walk distance: 4.5 miles

Difficulty: Easy

Pub stop: No pub stop for this walk- try fish and chips on the beach from the famous Aldeburgh Fish and Chip shop.

Starting point: Pay and Display car park on Thorpe Road by the beach (IP16 4NR)

Download the route map here.

Enjoying fish and chips on the beach

Famous for being the home place of Benjamin Britten, it’s beautiful blue flag beach and more importantly, it’s fantastic fish and chips, Aldeburgh is a fabulous town to visit if you are ever on the Suffolk coast.

This circular walk takes in the great beach, surrounding town and marshland.

For this walk, park at the pay and display car park on the beach on Thorpe Road. You’ll know you are there because you’ll be able to see the large scallop sculpture in front of you on the beach.

From here walk along the path (or on the beach) towards Aldeburgh. Please note that seasonal dog beach restrictions apply here, so check out the Suffolk Council website before setting off.

As you follow the path down you will eventually drop into Aldeburgh. Don’t worry- there is plenty of time to explore the high street on your way back up!

Walk past the coastguard look out and once you have reached the sailing club and a car park area. Here turn right to follow the footpath that runs parallel to the River Alde. Keep on this path until there is a turning to the right, take this and continue on the path, ignoring any other turn offs.

You will soon reach the end of the marsh land and a jitty back into a housing estate. Take this and turn right onto Park Road. Follow this to the top and then turn left on to the High Street.

This is where most of the shops and cafes are located in Aldeburgh so take some time to enjoy them- most places are dog friendly! I can highly recommend the Fish and Chip shop- we enjoyed them on the beach- and the queue is definitely worth it!!

From here, continue to the top of the High Street which will bring you back on to Thorpe Road. Continue back down the beach path to your car.

Cotgrave, Grantham Canal and Cotgrave Country Park Circular Walk

Walk distance: 3.2 miles

Difficulty: Easy

Pub stop: The Rose and Crown, Cotgrave

Starting point: Church Lane, Cotgrave (on street parking)

Download the route map here.


This circular walk starts in Cotgrave village and makes its way along the Grantham Canal and Cotgrave Country Park. Grantham Canal runs for 33 miles and was primarily built for the transportation of coal to Grantham in the 1700s.

For this walk, park down Church Lane – a cul-de-sac where you will find plenty of on road parking. From here, follow the footpath sign towards Tollerton. Follow it to the right through a field and turn immediately left. Keep following the path until you join a leafy lined alley.

Turn right here and follow it to the end, cutting through a hedge onto another field. Go across the field corner until you reach a road, and here turn right. The sewerage works will be on your right.

Carry on down this road until you reach an equestrian farm. Pass through a gate and follow the path past a small holding on the right. Then cross the farm lane into the next field.

Go through the gap in the hedge and head directly across this field (Tollerton Airfield will be on your left). Eventually you will reach an opening onto the Grantham Canal towpath, turn right here and carry along the tow path.


Keep following this path passing the Lock Keepers’ Cottage. Continue past the disused lock until you reach Cotgrave Road and cross here. Please note this is a busy road so be careful when crossing.


Continue along the towpath until you see the sign for Cotgrave Country Park on the right and follow this. Keep going as the path bends round and goes past a pond on the left. Follow this round to the other side and go up and over a small hill and down some steps on the other side.

Here you will reach a well trodden path, turn right and pass through a wooded area. At the end the path turns left behind some houses, and then right again through a small alley to Mill Lane.

When you are back in the housing estate, go down Mill Lane to Main Road, turn right and follow this road back to Church Lane, which will be on your right. Here you will pass The Rose and Crown, which is a dog friendly pub.

Strelley Village and Cossall circular

Walk distance: 4 miles

Difficulty: Easy- all on the flat and really doesn’t feel like 4 miles!

Pub stop: The Broad Oak- Strelley Village (just down from start and end point)

Starting point: Lay by off Main Street, Strelley Village

Download the route map here.


Just a few miles from the hustle and bustle of Nottingham City Centre lies Strelley Village. Not to be confused with Strelley, which lies just across the main road, Strelley Village is a quaint area with lovely footpaths and home to Strelley Hall.

For this route, park up at the lay by just off Main Road. This is free- if it is full, try the Broad Oak pub (although you will have to pay to park here).

From where you have parked, turn left up the bridleway. Continue down this path as it bends round until you reach a fork. Instead of continuing up, follow the path round to the right continuing across fields with a wooded area on your right.


Keep following the path down until you reach a cross roads- there should be a green sign telling you where all the footpaths go, turn right following the footpath towards Cossall. As you walk down this path you will eventually reach the M1 motorway, and go through a tunnel underneath.

At this point, follow the path round to the left and keep to this path until you reach a main road. At this point there is a short walk up the road, so dogs will need to be kept on a short lead.

Follow this road up (Dead Lane) being careful to watch for oncoming traffic as this small section doesn’t have a path.

At the top of the hill, turn right down Robinettes Lane (past the farm shop). Keep walking down this lane for a short while until you see a footpath sign and a metal gate on the right (signposted to Strelley).

Take this turning and walk across the fields following the footpath signs and going through several gates. Eventually you will come to another road (more like a farm track). Continue up until you reach a t-junction, and here turn right.

Walk along the road passing over the M1 motorway, until you can see Strelley Hall in the distance.

When you have crossed over the footbridge, you will be back in Strelley Village. Turn right and walk back down the road to your car.