Top tips for finding the perfect dog friendly holiday location

I don’t know about you, but when I go away in the U.K. the holiday is as much for me as it is for my dog!

And in fact, the benefits of taking your dog on holiday are also believed by dog psychologist Graeme Hall (Channel 4’s Dogs Behaving Badly). According to him, taking your dog on holiday can improve both their mental and physical well-being.

But where do you even start when you’re looking for dog friendly holidays? The U.K. holiday industry is massive and there are so many different places to look for the best places to go and accommodation that it can seem very daunting.

So, below are some tips and things to think about when it comes to booking a dog friendly holiday.

Do your research

You don’t want to book a holiday somewhere with your dog to find that you can’t do any of the local walks because there are restrictions, or that there aren’t any walks at all without a long drive.

Think about how far you want to be from civilisation and what key things are important to you. A dog friendly pub perhaps or a beach within walking distance? After this look for any dog restrictions- lots of beaches have restrictions from April throughout the summer, so it is worth checking out before you book somewhere if this is important to you.

Think about cost

Now you have the location, think about the small details that are important to you. What type of accommodation do you want? Camping? A self-catering cottage? A B&B? There are lots of different options. Just because you have a dog don’t think that your options will be reduced- even Travelodge allow dogs!

Also think about the price and what you can afford. I know it’s tempting to pick the cheapest option, but remember you’re on holiday to relax too. If the weather is rubbish you might be spending a little more time there than you would have liked, but if your accommodation is nice and cosy this won’t feel like a chore.

Consider your own and your dog’s needs

Now we’ve started to narrow the options down you’ve probably started shortlisting a few options. At this point make sure you consider things that you’ll need to feel at home- does it have parking or wi-fi?

When you’re travelling with your dog, however, you have an extra individual’s needs to consider. Think about the things your dog needs. Does where your staying have a garden? Is it enclosed and does it have a grassed area? If it doesn’t, is there somewhere nearby you can take your dog?

Plan, plan, plan!

Now you’ve booked, start the exciting bit! Planning what you’ll be doing. One of my top tips when it comes to going on holiday with your dog would be to plan in advance. Find out where and where isn’t dog friendly to avoid any disappointment and take a few ideas so you can pick and chose when you are there.

Enjoy and relax!

Hopefully by following all these tips you’ll find your able to relax on your holiday! After all, it’s for you to enjoy too!



One response to “Top tips for finding the perfect dog friendly holiday location”

  1. Linda Stevenson Avatar
    Linda Stevenson

    Great advice we have two rescue dogs who travel with us in an old motor home. We live in Weymouth Dorset and during the winter months people kept asking me where they could take their dogs inside out of the cold weather. In December 2017 I discussed with my small group called Dog friendly (Weymouth). How we could help people find all types of businesses where the whole family can go inside. A local guy stumbled arcross us and offered to find a sticker which needed no explaining. From there we ordered 100 stickers, which we found our local businesses loved. We are a not for profit Facebook group and just ask for a £2.00 once only donation. It soon became obvious more areas wanted our stickers and we now have over 200 in Weymouth and Portland, more in other areas close by.
    We have added some of our walks around Weymouth and Portland along with dog friendly businesses. Just wondered if there’s anyway we could link together?
    Due to the increase in temperature we are also joining together with dog sitters and walkers hoping to offer places where dogs can be looked after during these hot spells so our families can still enjoy their holiday. Let me know what you think Linda


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