Strelley Village and Cossall circular

Walk distance: 4 miles

Difficulty: Easy- all on the flat and really doesn’t feel like 4 miles!

Pub stop: The Broad Oak- Strelley Village (just down from start and end point)

Starting point: Lay by off Main Street, Strelley Village

Download the route map here.


Just a few miles from the hustle and bustle of Nottingham City Centre lies Strelley Village. Not to be confused with Strelley, which lies just across the main road, Strelley Village is a quaint area with lovely footpaths and home to Strelley Hall.

For this route, park up at the lay by just off Main Road. This is free- if it is full, try the Broad Oak pub (although you will have to pay to park here).

From where you have parked, turn left up the bridleway. Continue down this path as it bends round until you reach a fork. Instead of continuing up, follow the path round to the right continuing across fields with a wooded area on your right.


Keep following the path down until you reach a cross roads- there should be a green sign telling you where all the footpaths go, turn right following the footpath towards Cossall. As you walk down this path you will eventually reach the M1 motorway, and go through a tunnel underneath.

At this point, follow the path round to the left and keep to this path until you reach a main road. At this point there is a short walk up the road, so dogs will need to be kept on a short lead.

Follow this road up (Dead Lane) being careful to watch for oncoming traffic as this small section doesn’t have a path.

At the top of the hill, turn right down Robinettes Lane (past the farm shop). Keep walking down this lane for a short while until you see a footpath sign and a metal gate on the right (signposted to Strelley).

Take this turning and walk across the fields following the footpath signs and going through several gates. Eventually you will come to another road (more like a farm track). Continue up until you reach a t-junction, and here turn right.

Walk along the road passing over the M1 motorway, until you can see Strelley Hall in the distance.

When you have crossed over the footbridge, you will be back in Strelley Village. Turn right and walk back down the road to your car.


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