Holkham to Burnham Market

Walk distance: 6.5 miles

Difficulty: Moderate

Pub stop: The Hero- Burnham Overy Staithe

Also recommended:

The Victoria Inn, Holkham (starting point)

The Hoste, Burnham Market (end point)

Starting point: top of Lady Anne Drive, Holkham.


For this walk we were staying in Burnham Market so took the bus from the village green, getting off at Holkham. You can also do the walk in reverse.

Download the route map here.


Often recommended as one of the best dog friendly beaches in the UK, Holkham is a must visit if you are on the North Norfolk Coast.

This walk takes you all along the beautiful beach and pine trees, before heading inland.

Start the walk at the top of Lady Anne Drive – if you have taken the bus from Burham Market, you will get off here.

Walk down the road to the beach- it is worth stopping here at the new visitor centre The Lookout, where you can find out more about the nature reserve, and grab a cup of coffee. The Lookout is dog friendly.


Follow the path through the pine trees until you reach the beach. After you have followed the steps down, follow the path leading to the left and keep to the right of the trees.

Eventually you will see a path rearing off to the left leading towards Burnham Overy Staithe. Join this path and walk along it down to the harbour.

Once you have reached the harbour, follow the road round until you join the main A149 road. If you’d like to stop off at the pub here, turn left to head down to The Hero. You can also end the walk here if you like and take the coast hopper bus back to Holkham,

If you are carrying on, turn right and walk down on the path past the houses until you can see a footpath across a field (this is just after the last house). Make sure to take this path rather than staying on the main road, as there is no footpath.

Once you are in the field, follow the path down to the right hand corner, and then across a stile to the left. At the end of this field you will find another stile, see the main road, and hear a water mill. Climb over the stile and carefully cross the road before heading down a track in between the houses across the road.

Keep following this path down until you reach another road where you will need to turn right. Follow the footpath at the side of the road until you eventually will walk down to Burnham Market green.


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